Operations Carried Out By Fineland Forestry

Tree Planting
Tree Surgery:- (Private and Commercial)
  • Sectional Felling
  • Felling
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Deadwooding
  • Bracing
Risk Assessment of Trees
Consultancy Involving Subsidence Risk Assessment
Wood Chip Supplies

  1. All our tree treatments are carried out in accordance with the most up to date references available over and above BS 3998
  2. With all due respect to our Clients, we consider ourselves to be the tree experts once we have been instructed to proceed. In all matters relating to proper tree care practices, i.e.position of pruning cuts, thinning density, etc., our interpretation of the specification will be final. Safety and functional requirements are always the priority in any pruning, but to us tree care comes a very close second.
  3. All work operations are covered by at least a 2 million Third Party and Public Liability Insurance.
  4. It is normal to leave working areas clear of all major work related debris and in a similar state to that found before work began.