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Tree Felling
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Tree Felling

The complete removal of a tree down to ground level, and may be done by straight felling from the tree base, or by dismantling the tree in sections.  This may be required for trees that are dead, dying or dangerous. It may be a requirement to allow a planned structure or a development, or may just be to allow landscaping of your garden or to increase light into your home.

We have the experience and expertise to establish the safest and most efficient way of felling the tree and will ensure that it is carried out in this way.

Crown Reduction
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Crown Reduction

The removal of the tree branches from the top and sides of the tree, which allows the tree to remain in it’s natural shape.  Performing a crown reduction prevents the tree from becoming overgrown in a confined environment, and reducing the crown without decreasing it’s density will lessen the stress placed on weak or defective roots, stem or branches of a tree.

Our team is extremely experienced at performing crown reductions safely no matter how large the tree is.

Crown Lifting
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Crown Lifting

Where removal of the tree’s lower branches is carried out, allowing for increased sunlight and improvement to accessible areas, therefore better use of outdoor living space.  It creates a higher canopy and is often carried out on trees that are growing over footpaths, or roads to allow for pedestrians and vehicles to pass underneath

Crown Thin
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Crown Thinning

Removing certain branches throughout the tree’s entire crown.  Reducing the sail area, whilst maintaining the overall size and shape of the tree, lessens the stress on the tree during windy conditions.  Crown thinning also allows more light to pass through the tree’s crown.

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Tree Pruning

An approved method of controlling growth and removing diseased or dead wood. It is also often used to stimulate the new growth of fruit and flower buds in fruit trees to enhance their productivity.
Pruning is often carried out during the winter months when the trees are dormant.  However, it can also be carried out in the summer months if required.

Tree Pruning
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Tree Pollarding

This is where the removal of all growth. all branches and most of the limbs, is carried out  leaving just the tree trunk or the main framework of a tree. Pollarding is traditionally a method of woodland management, but more recently it is becoming popular in the practice of arboriculture.

Bush Leaves

Hedge Trimming

Overgrown hedges can look unsightly - we provide a full hedge trimming service from Laurels, to conifers, to mixed hedging, etc.

Hedge Trimming
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Dead Wooding

The removal of dead wood from within the tree crown. This is to help  prevent the falling of dead wood onto pedestrians, cars and property.

Our team take great pride in their work, professionalism, and tidiness. Once the tree or hedge work has been completed, the area will be cleared of any debris (unless specified otherwise). 


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