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Customer Testimonials 2023

What our customers said in 2023...

"Many thanks for the great work done by your team of four very skilled tree surgeons regarding the 'crown reduction' of our Conifer Tree in our front garden at xxx..."

Jackie G, Chorleywood (Jun 2023)

"Please thank Paul and Ed for another excellent job - much appreciated."

John G, Little Chalfont (Jun 2023)

"...I would like to thank you and the team at Fineland Forestry for undertaking the job at our property and completing it seamlessly. We are very pleased with the outcome and hope to be in touch for future jobs."

Doreen D, Chalfont St Giles (Jun 2023)

"I attended the churchyard yesterday whilst Alan and Lewis carried out the work, and I wish to compliment them on their efforts. They worked without a break, and cleared all the wood left by the vandals who cut down the trees."

"Please record my thanks for all the help we have received in this matter."

John L, Iver (Jun 2023)

" ...the team did a good job, reduced the F Maple by a lot and exactly what we asked for".. "I can see the tree from here and it looks very smart"

Mrs Y, Chalfont St Peter (Jun 2023)

"Your team did a great job, very tidy and clean. Amazing!!!"

Ana J, Gerrards Cross (Jun 2023)

"Thanks for the excellent work last week; it only took your two a couple of hours and they left everything so tidy (especially for our neighbour!) thank you. "

Declan S, Chenies (Jun 2023)

"Please also thank the team for their professionalism and efficiency - a great job all round."

John G, Little Chalfont (Jun 2023)


"I thought I had paid as soon as the excellent work was completed."

Dick V, Amersham (Jun 2023)

"Again the team were fabulous "

Mrs K, Amersham (Jun 2023)


Thanks for doing a great job."

Karen H, Chalfont St Peter, (Jun 2023)

 "Also wanted to say what a great job the guys did. Very pleased customer. 😊"

Caren T, Amersham (Jun 2023)

Fineland did a fantastic job as always - very pleased"

Christina H, Amersham (Jun 2023)

"..thank the team they did a good job and left it neat and tidy"

Roy H, Beaconsfield (Jun 2023)

"Thank you for your services today."

Stephen S, Chalfont St Peter (Jun 2023)

"... do thank the guys again for all their hard work.  The garden looks so much better for the removal of the tree!"

Kate Y, Beaconsfield (Jun 2023)

"Brilliant job, and well done as ever, thank you all so very much!"

Dave E, Gerrards Cross (May 2023)

"What a pleasure it is to deal with your people!"

Alan C, Little Chalfont (May 2023)

"Thanks very much Shelley and the boys."

Mike B, Chalfont St Peter (May 2023)

"I very much appreciate the work done today "

Shelagh M, Chalfont St Peter (May 2023)

"Thank you to the team for doing the work. We are very pleased."

David H, Seer Green (May 2023)

"Thank you for doing a good job for us"

John D, Gerrards Cross (May 2023)

"Ed and the boys did a lovely job yesterday"

Anne F, Chalfont St Giles (May 2023)

"Thank the guys for all their help, especially in the quick removal of the dying lime last month."

Jacqui M, Chalfont St Peter (May 2023)

 "The tree removal went well and we were very pleased with the professionalism of the team. We were particularly impressed with the care they took to avoid any damage and also the tidy up work afterwards."

Mike E, Longwick (May 2023)

"Thank you very much for the work the team did, we are delighted with it"

Simon B, Chalfont St Peter (Apr 2023)

"Delighted that the tree is down at last!  Ed, Paul, and Harry did a superb job.."

Judy J, Rickmansworth (Apr 2023)

 " I meant to say thank you, the hedge looks so much tidier. They did a really good job."
Anne M, Stoke Poges (Apr 2023)

"Thank you for doing the work on Friday, they did an excellent job all looks very neat and tidy..." … "..Thank you for excellent service."

Robert T, Chalfont St Peter (Apr 2023)

"Your guys have done a good job and thanks."

Jenny T, Widmer End (Apr 2023)

"Many thanks to you and your guys. "

Mr H, H.Wycombe (Apr 2023)

 "..the team have done a great job on my trees as usual.."

Julie W, Penn (Apr 2023)


 "Thanks for taking care of this tree.  Much appreciated."

Ken D, Beaconsfield (Apr 2023)

" Your team did a brilliant job yesterday."

Sue V, Gerrards Cross (Apr 2023)

"Job done...and a very good job too!!"

Sara P, Chalfont St Peter (Apr 2023)

"Thanks for everything  great crew!"

Mr W, Cowley (Apr 2023)



 "thrilled to bits" .. "Alan and Harry did a great job, and tidied up so well".."Really really pleased"

Mrs B, Chalfont St Peter (Apr 2023)


"Thank you for the work carried out professionally and efficiently yesterday and, too for so swiftly fitting both my neighbour, Mrs Fxxxx, and myself into your busy schedule despite our unintended lack of firm confirmation back in December."

Mrs F, Chorleywood (Apr 2023)

"All left very neat and tidy . Many thanks."

Mary P, Gerrards Cross (Apr 2023)

"..The boys did a great job. .."

Alison W, Gerrards Cross (Apr 2023)

"I would just like to say that we are very pleased with the work carried out on 5th April. The 2 young men who did the work were professional and friendly and did an excellent job of clearing up too.
Sue H, Penn (Apr 2023)



 "The team did a great job."

Stuart B, Hazelmere (Apr 2023)


"...a lovely job!"

Mrs H, Chalfont St Giles (Apr2023)

 "Please accept my most sincere thank you to you and all the team for the great job Fineland Forestry dead on my Lime tree."
Mr T, Chalfont St Peter (Apr 2023)

"My thanks to the team for another great piece of work!"

John G, Little Chalfont (Mar 2023)

"Just a quick note to thank your guys for a great service completed yesterday on our trees.

The trees all look in good shape and I’m sure that we will see the benefit of improved light and ventilation later during the summer." "Thank you again. (Another happy customer)"
Lindsay B, Gerrards Cross (Mar 2023)

"Another excellent job impeccably cleared up afterwards"

John H, Chalfont St Peter (Mar 2023)

"Please pass on our thanks to the team who did a fantastic job on the Cypress hedge today, despite the miserable weather. Looks so neat and tidy now....."

Amanda G, Gerrards Cross (Mar 2023)

"We are very pleased with the work done."

Ed W, Stoke Poges (Mar 2023)

"We are pleased with the work, as ever."

Oscar S, Gerrards Cross (Mar 2023)

"Just a quick thanks to you and the team. They did a great job today."

Hugo P, Chalfont St Peter (Mar 2023)

"Thank you very much for your excellent service once again! "

Heather O, Gerrards Cross (Mar 2023)

 "I've just transferred the money for the works completed on Friday and today. You have a great team of guys working for you! "

Fiona M, Gerrards Cross (Mar 2023)

"They did an amazing job yesterday; their clearing up was amazing; I'm thrilled to bits; They worked really hard".  
Celia M, Gerrards Cross (Mar 2023)

"..big thanks to the guys for today, they were very efficient and tidy as always. "

Jo W, Little Chalfont (Mar 2023)

",,again thanks so much for attending so quickly!  AMAZING."

Declan S, Chenies (Mar 2023)

"..they are doing a wonderful job, I am very pleased.."

Mrs L, Chalfont St Peter (Mar 2023)

"Many thanks, job well done"

Brian S, Beaconsfield (Mar 2023)

"I am very pleased with what was done last Monday "

John S, Chalfont St Giles (Mar 2023)

"Many thanks for your efficient work. "

Paul D, Chalfont St Peter (Mar 2023)

"The work looks great - please thank the team. "

Mary H, Chalfont St Peter (Mar 2023)

"They did a very good job removing my Lime tree and left my front garden clean and tidy."

Mounir T, Chalfont St Peter (Mar 2023)

"Thanks very much for an excellent job done on 1 March" 

Graham C, Amersham (Mar 2023)

"..Tree looks great.."

Debbie B, High Wycombe (Mar 2023)

 "..Thanks for the invoice and a great job. .."

Linda S, (Mar 2023)

 "We are really pleased with the work you carried out. "

Annie B, Amersham (Mar 2023)

"Many thanks to Alan and his team who did an excellent job .."

Keith L, Wexham (Mar 2023)

"Many thanks - excellent work"

Katy H, Chesham Bois (Feb 2023)

"...the guys worked hard and did a good job. "

Gabi P, Beaconsfield (Feb 2023)

"..Nice job. Thank you."

Graham C, Denham (Feb 2023)

".Just a word of thanks to you and the team today. The service has been exceptional and a great result as well.""

Sean A, Chalfont St Giles (Feb 2023)



 "I would like to thank you and the team who attended who were most professional, tidy and polite – a  credit to the company"

Richard S, Marlow (Feb 2023)


"My wife & I are very pleased with the work done."

Rod N, Chalfont St Giles (Feb 2023)

"Also thank you for the excellent service provided and look forward to using you again in the future."

Ken B, Chalfont St Peter (Feb 2023)


"Many thanks, I was very pleased with the job and how smoothly everything was dealt with."

Liz S, Amersham (Feb 2023)

"Please pass on our thanks to the team for a great job and for fitting us in a gap."

Sandra P, Chalfont St Peter (Feb 2023)

"The removal work has been done well and I’m very pleased."

Steve W, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2023)

 "Thanks for the email, yes everything has been done that was asked. Do pass on my thanks to Ed."

Colin W, Chalfont St Giles (Jan 2023)

"..As usual the guys did a good job and cleared up well.."
Brian L, Beaconsfield (Jan 2023)

"..the guys have done a fantastic job as usual..";"Please pass on my thanks for doing such a wonderful job and tidying up so beautifully.."

John F, Chalfont St Giles (Jan 2023)


"Thank you for a job well done by a very helpful and considerate team.  We shall look forward to contacting you for hedges..."

Mrs H, Chorleywood (Jan 2023)



"Please thank the men that dealt with our land that had got out of hand.."

Faye N, Fulmer (Jan 2023)



"Your team was out doing a job today at xxx in xxx. Absolutely brilliant job topping all those fir trees! We are the neighbour who sits directly behind xxx."

Philip O, Denham (Jan 2023)

"Grand job here...."

Tony H, Chalfont St Peter (Jan 2023)

"Please thank Alan and the team for taking care of our trees and shrubs to keep our garden looking good"

Jennifer D, Northwood (Jan 2023)

"All the reshaped trees and shrubs look great – thank you."

Jane M, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2023)

"...The guys were outstanding as usual."

Reece M, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2023)

"Many thanks for a tidy job!"

Andy F, Chalfont St Giles (Jan 2023)

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