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Customer Testimonials

What our customers say...


"Thank you to the guys who did the work too. They were extremely helpful."

Christine F, Amersham  (July 2024)


"We are so delighted with the result - Ed and Paul were charming and very efficient. Hope they managed to retrieve car from drain easily!!
Sue W, Gerrards Cross  (July 2024)


"Just a note to say it’s all very good! Thank you."

Louise C, Amersham  (July 2024)

"I am very happy with the work done on the ivy tree from my view point."
Sara P, Amersham  (July 2024)

"To Shelley, Ed and all the team, We just wanted to thank you very much for all your help with the two Scots Pine trees in our back garden. We really appreciate it, especially you fitting us into your busy schedule. Thank you once again"
Helen and Sue C,  Chalfont St Peter  (July 2024)



"The three boys did a tremendous job, so thank you very much for everything once again. "
Urszula, Iver  (July 2024)


"Thank you for your excellent work."
Raihana E, Chalfont St Giles  (July 2024)

"As ever, the team were brilliant, tidied up after themselves and did a great job. "
Katy B, Lt Chalfont  (July 2024)


" Matt, Gabriel and Dailan. They worked so hard on the blistering heat - absolute stars!" 
Suzanne S, Beaconsfield (July 2024)


"Can you please convey our thanks to the team for cutting our hedges so well!"
Ewa D, Chalfont St Peter (June 2024)


"The two chaps were very nice and did a really good job ...."
Julia C, Amersham (June 2024)


"Thanks so much for giving the Magnolia a good hair cut! "
Kate R, Flackwell Heath (June 2024)


"Another clean and tidy job."  
Lucy A, Gerrards Cross (June 2024)

"Many thanks guys did an amazing job."
Jayne B, Chalfont St Peter, (June 2024)


"In terms of the other work I would like to say a big Thankyou to Ed, Paul and the team for their work. They were professional ..".."I appreciate the work and would not hesitate to recommend Fineland based on your service. "
Sarah S, Beaconsfield (June 2024)



"We would like to mention that we were very pleased with the young men that cut down the trees, they were courteous, worked all the time,   and cleared  up everything ." 
Patricia G, Chalfont St Giles (June 2024)


"Thank your team for all they they have done." 
John S, Chalfont St Giles (June 2024)


"... team have done very well so far, I am very pleased with the result."
John S, Chalfont St Giles (June 2024)



"The team did an absolutely fantastic job - as always! "

Christina H, Amersham (June 2024)

"The team were here promptly this morning and have done a great job - very professional as always and completed everything as expected."
Tom M, Wooburn Green (June 2024)

"Many thanks for doing such a good job again"
Charlotte B, Amersham (June 2024)

"Excellent work once again. "
Nigel M, Beaconsfield (May 2024)



"I really appreciate the current work being done earlier than anticipated - the guys have been brilliant!" 
Patricia G, Gerrards Cross (May 2024)


"Thank you for an excellent service" 
David S, Amersham (May 2024)


"Thank you for providing a good service. "
Mrs H, Chalfont St Peter (May 2024)



"Thanks for the work done ... " 
Selena M, Chalfont St Peter (May 2024)

"We have used Fineland several times before. This time was as expected. They arrived on time. Did a very good, and cleared up afterwards. They couldn’t have been more pleasant and polite. The price is as quoted, and IMO very reasonable. I highly recommend them."

Sioban W, Chalfont St Peter (May 2024) (Google Review)

"We are very pleased with the work that was carried out and will be happy to recommend.  A big thank you to all.  "
Sioban W, Chalfont St Peter (May 2024)

"great job"  "the 2 guys  were excellent"

Alice A, Chalfont St Peter (May 2024)


"Many thanks for a good Job", "Your guys did a great job " 
Peter W, Beaconsfield (May 2024)

"Just to say Paul and the team were fantastic, i’ve paid the invoice today, thanks again and see them again in July…"
Neil M, Chalfont St Peter (May 2024)

"We are very pleased with the work done.  The boys worked very hard in what were horrible rainy conditions, please pass on my thanks to them for their efforts."
Chris E, Great Kingshill (May 2024)

"Your men recently left and I didn’t get to say goodbye.  Please thank them for me.  They were very pleasant and did a marvellous job." 
Kay E, Amersham (May 2024)



"Many thanks for a job well done."

John P, Beaconsfield (April 2024)

"Thanks again for a great job done !!"

Jon H, Seer Green (April 2024)

"Thanks for the tree removal work - the guys did a great job."

Alan B, Beaconsfield (April 2024)

"Many thanks for wonderful service."

Michael B, Chalfont St Giles (April 2024)

" made the most beautiful job of trimming the hedge.  Our house is so much brighter now"
Marcia R, Chalfont St Peter (April 2024)

"With many thanks for a job well done"

Mary S,Lt Chalfont (April 2024)

"Very pleased they are a very professional firm, we have used them for a number of years and will continue to use them"

Mr T, Chalfont St Peter (April 2024)  (Google Review)

"... the trees look amazing"

Alison D, Chesham (April 2024)

"... had hoped to say good bye but wanted to say what an absolutely wonderful job you all did, how polite you all were, how beautifully cleared up everything was, and how wonderfully it's been done - and I  would recommend you to anyone

Mrs A, Gerrards Cross (April 2024)

"Thanks for fitting our hedges in on Tues, they look great. "
Sara T, Chalfont St Peter (April 2024)

"Can you thank the lads who came - they did a brilliant job and I’m really happy with the result."
Catherine W, Chalfont St Peter (April 2024)

"Thank you so much for rescheduling the work on our trees so that the men missed today’s bad weather. They were so helpful and have done a great job..."
Steph H,Chalfont St Peter (April 2024)

"Firstly just to say a big thank you to the team for a great job done on our trees yesterday. Very much appreciated"

Sue C, Chalfont St Peter (March 2024)

"A note to say thank you to the boys for the work they did on 16th March. A lot of clippings to pick up and as usual they cleared away everything. No wonder you are so booked up."
Celia M, Gerrards Cross (March 2024)

"The boys are doing an absolutely brilliant job..."..."Fantastic job, really, really good"

Mark W, Chalfont St Giles (March 2024)

"The team did a great job yesterday"
Sheilah W, Gerrards Cross (March 2024)

"Excellent service for small job of removing some tree branches - branch cut into logs as requested. Efficent, professional and area left beautifully clean and tidy afterwards. Many thanks and would recommend the team in the future."

Sara P, Amersham (March 2024) (Google Review)

"I am very pleased, particularly with the hedge - they did a really good job!"

Anne M, Stoke Poges (March 2024)

"Paul, Ed and the team did a great job here yesterday. Many thanks"

Lawrence W, Chesham (March 2024)

" The guys have done the most magnificent job. Really impressed by them and they are a nice bunch too".

Nick M, South Heath (March 2024)

"Thank you. A great job."

Gill G, Chalfont St Peter (Feb 2024)

"Thank you, the team did a great job. They worked hard and left the area very tidy"... " team did a superb job and were very helpful. Many thanks."  

Joe B, Beaconsfield (Feb 2024)

"..I also just wanted to say a big thank you to them. (I saw them during the appointment, but not afterwards). They did a great job on raising the canopy, were very helpful.."..." they skinned the ivy off the tree as a last-minute request and tidied up brilliantly afterwards. The team were wonderful, and I am very grateful to them! Please do pass on my appreciation."
Pauline D, Amersham (Feb 2024)

"Great job. Left the garden nice and tidy. Many thanks."

Pat B, Hazlemere (Feb 2024) (Google review)

"Another good job despite the awful weather.Thanks Joe"

Joe C, Gerrards Cross  (Feb 2024) (Google  review)

"Thank you, the guys did a great job."

Richard S, Beaconsfield (Feb 2024)

"The work looks great and your guys left it all nice and tidy.  Please do thank the whole team. So much lighter in that area now - I’m sure the staff will really appreciate it. "..... "Many thanks to the guys for yesterday - I’m sure it was not easy given the tricky access. And also many thanks for cutting the logs for our log stack so nicely."  

Hugh C, Amersham hospital (Feb 2024)


"The tree looks so much better for it's prune, many thanks and for clearing up so neatly afterwards"

Hilary C, Beaconsfield (Feb 2024)

"Great job done by the team this morning removing two dead trees and trimming and tidying cypresses. Thanks also to Shelley for dealing with the TPO needs. A professional service from start to finish."

Lorraine M, Gerrards Cross (Feb 2024) (Google Review)

"I have a flowering cherry tree - very beautiful in Spring. It has always been looked after by Fineland Forestry. Two operatives came this morning to trim and tidy my tree. They did a terrific prune, were polite and pleasant AND did an excellent job tidying up afterwards. Thanks also to Shelley who made the arrangements."

Christine L, Chalfont St Peter (Feb 2024) (Google Review)

"Very professional service. Work done exactly as required. Guys doing it were both polite and clearly experienced. Tidying up when the job was completed was excellent. Have used Fineland before, will use them again and highly recommend them to anyone needing high quality tree maintenance."

Martin G, Hazlemere (Feb 2024) (Google Review)

"Fineland Forestry.

We have been using the services of this company, to take care of our Douglas Firs and other garden needs, for in excess of 20 years and we could not do other than to recommend them most highly. We have always had first class support and are confident that shall continue to be the case."

Oscar S, Gerrards Cross (Feb 2024) (Google Review)

"Once again, thank you for a job well done."

Oscar S, Gerrards Cross (Feb 2024)



"great job"

Kevin F, Amersham (Feb 2024)


"Thank you for your excellent job."

Mary R, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2024)



"We are also pleased to share with you, that we were extremely pleased with the work carried out by Ed and rest of the Fineland team. Much appreciated."

Oscar S, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2024



"The guys came this morning and did a great job on the apple tree"

Samantha F, Chalfont St Peter (Jan 2024)

"Thank you so much for all your hard work"

Anne T, Chalfont St Peter (Jan 2024)

"Thank you so much for sorting out our tree in such short notice. We really appreciate it!!"

Lizzie H, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2024)

"Please tell the guys that I am very pleased with the trees."

Mavis S, Uxbridge (Jan 2024)

"My wife was delighted with the work."

Nigel M, Beaconsfield (Jan 2024)

"I am very grateful that the tree removal was able to be done so quickly. Everyone who came today was so nice and helpful"

Jill O, Beaconsfield (Jan 2024)

"Very pleased with the work."

Caroline R, Chalfont St Peter (Jan 2024)

"Can you please pass on my thanks to the team that carried out the job which was done to the usual high standard all in the usual helpful manner."

Paul M,Chalfont St Peter (Jan 2024)

"Please thank Alan and the team for their work in our garden, which we very much appreciate"

Jan Duncan, Northwood (Jan 2024)

"All good thank you. The boys did a great job today "

Catalin M, Penn (Jan 2024)

"A massive thank you..."  "They've done an amazing job, hubby said they were so professional, did everything perfectly, were really careful, there's not a spec of dust anywhere, they've cleaned up fantastically. We really appreciate it, they did a really good job, thank you very very very much"

Mrs L, Chalfont St Peter (Jan 2024)

"great job Well done"

Joe C, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2024)

"Many thanks for all your hard work today - to get two trees down in less than a day was incredible!"

Patricia G, Gerrards Cross (Jan 2024)

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Comments from Facebook: 

"I was very pleased with the work you carried out for us last week. Very polite and friendly workmen, did the work required to a high standard and cleaned up well afterwards"

"They Are The Dogs!!

Family Have Used Them for EVER !!"

"Always good service"

"Highly recommended always do a brilliant job"

"Always used Paul and the team. Brilliant"

"Excellent company- highly recommend them"

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